Wherever you are in England & Wales you are never too far from some great mountain biking.

This book shows where to go, using the natural network of bridleways and byways that cross the countryside or the ever growing numbers of purpose built Trail Centres.

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Chapters are based upon geographical areas and each has introductory text describing the general mountain biking characteristics and what to look out for.

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The Good Mountain Biking Guide provides detailed information on 500 mountain biking areas throughout England and Wales. With many areas containing several routes, the guide offers thousands of ride options.

All the popular ‘must do’ destinations are covered such as The Peak District, Lake District, The Dales, North & South Downs, Brecon Beacons... through to many more areas that are not so well known.


  • Locator Maps
  • Overview of the mountain biking regions and what they have to offer, written by Nick Cotton author of over 40 MTB and Cycle guides

For Each Area

  • Detailed area maps with trails and roads clearly shown.
  • Contours, spot heights, parking, pubs & cafes marked along the trails.
  • Ride options with references to relevant maps, guides and websites.
  • Useful information on pubs, cafes and bike shops as well as drive times from major cities and train travel where appropriate.

A comprehensive index is included of towns and villages in each map area.

Do you have photos taken out on the trails!
This edition of The Good Mountain Biking Guide is illustrated with fantastic photos taken by real riders in locations throughout England and Wales. If you would like to be in the next edition of the book then please
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Reviews / Comments / Testimonials

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"Knowing where to ride is important if you're getting into mountain biking, and that's precisely the aim behind the newly launch Good Mountain Biking Guide. It is a huge book comprising 640 pages of tightly packed information covering every area that has access to great mountain bike trails".
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"The Good Mountain Biking Guide is a solid attempt to pull together the best trails from around the country using the vast public rights of way network. It also identifies the main trail centres. While it only covers England and Wales, it's still quite a tome at some 637 pages.

It's packed with bespoke maps identifying the trails at varying scales, usually around 1:75,000. Farm track type trails are identified as opposed to other (likely trickier or rougher) trails, which is extremely handy, though it would have been nice to get more than just the occasional comment on the exact condition of the surface and surroundings. Pubs, cafes and parking are also there. The index of 3,000 place names is handy too.

All the usual contenders for mountain biking areas are there, including the Peaks and the Lakes, but there are also many exciting sounding areas you might not have thought of exploring: the Isle of Man, Cheviots, Shropshire Hills or the Quantocks anyone? Highly recommended".


"It’s a great book for planning trips, and looking at the area were based in (Calderdale) it seems pretty spot on in it’s descriptions – It’s not a blow by blow “turn left at crooked gate ‘ type guide book , more of an overview of an area with a host of useful information in terms of parking, eating, public transport and how to get their, even bike shops if you snap something.It has a few suggested routes but also further reading if your looking for more in depth route- guides. It’s the kind of thing we imagine would be great to pour over on a winters night planning trips for the next summer, or in your dashboard pocket when you’re looking for that parking space or bike shop".



"The guide’s breadth of coverage is unique, and earns it a place on any mountain biker’s bookshelf".

CTC -The UK's National Cyclists' Organisation


"Arrived this am – looks a really useful and well thought out book.  I’m amazed to see its the first edition – how come no one else has tried to put something like this together before"?

Andy Williams

"In a word Wow! What a fantastic resource. It's already stopped me doing a lot of work today. I could just sit looking at your book for days and days. From looking at the areas I know your book is very comprehensive.  Because of this I know it will come in very useful when I venture further affield".

Colin Down

"The guide looks great. It's certainly motivated me to go out and get lots more pictures for a future edition, and spread my riding wings further".

Steve Hall

At easter we discovered the Clwydian and Berwyn  hills of N wales simply from thumbing through the new book…………fantastic! Great riding!

Ian A

"The guide looks very good. It also comes at a very good time when I am looking at relocating and
will have to look at new trails somewhere around the country."

Michael Paradowski

"Just a quick email to say The Good Mountain Biking Guide - its fantastic! I've already told several of my fellow riders about it and they are looking to make a purchase as soon as they can! I cant wait to read about some of the areas to go and visit - what a great guide!"

Sam Townsend

"Very impressed with book, I can only imagine the amount of work that's gone into it. A job well done."

Angus Muir

"I never thought that there would be so much detail and input, really impressed"

Steve Lloyd

Reviews on Amazon

"I have a box of various maps and guides along with several regional guidebooks from a range of sources, including Bike Maps own guides to the Peak district, which are really clear and useful. So having one book with 500 mountain biking areas in it for England and Wales is an excellent idea and this guide does not disappoint. As well as providing routes for local areas, the guide has come in handy for finding routes in new areas I did not know about. It's also really motivating and makes you just want to get out and discover these great new routes! The book is clear, concise and practical, with straightforward easy to follow maps and instructions, including details of where to park, pubs, cafes, and trail conditions and gradients. Really useful features are atlas style maps with all the areas marked and the mini area maps showing where the route is in relation to major towns/villages. Trail centres are also covered, with a description of facilities and route gradings. All in all, at over 600 pages, this book offers incredible value with enough in it to keep all riders of all abilities satisfied."

Paul C

"I bought this book as I wanted a comprehensive guide to a range of areas where I had not biked previously, and also to gain more knowledge on areas I was familiar with. This book has delivered on all counts. The format has been well thought through and is very easy to follow, the maps and information provided within them are of excellent clarity and a high number of quality photographs have also been used. In addition to what you would normally expect from a guide book, there is also additional information which I did not expect, such as types of riding, general information on each region and other recommended books.

As an in depth guide for route planning it's a must for all mountain bikers".


"I bought this book on recommendation from a friend - as motivation for me to get back out there on two (muddy) wheels.

It's an excellent purchase - completely comprehensive with rides throughout the country, but for me most important thing is that it's so easy to use and contains all the important info you need for planning a ride - maps, food stops, nearest repair stations etc.

There's a really good mix of routes too - from long, tough rides, to those you could easily take on with your kids.

The book is also really nicely produced with great maps and photos to accompany the routes.

Highly recommended."

Mr P

"I think this is a really good guide to mountain bike trails in England and Wales, ideal for anyone wanting to explore new areas. I particularly like the references highlighting routes suitable for all weather riding, easy / steep or descents or big climbs, overall I can honestly say well worth the purchase".

Only good for one hill

"What a great find this book is. The maps are designed to be really helpful (and I especially like the suggestions or comments on them); as are the suggestions for parking, travel etc so there are no excuses for not getting out there. A really good comprehensive guide for England and Wales (rather than having to carry books for individual areas). Good pictures as well. Presumably written by mountain bikers for mountain bikers".


"Wow! I only received my copy the other day and have already tried a couple of routes, great fun. I thought I knew all the routes around me but boy was I wrong. Excellent book, very comprehensive, looking forward to getting out on those single tracks later. Well done keep it up. O"



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