The Good Mountain Biking Guide is illustrated with photos taken by real riders when out on the trails.

The Guide is out on the 15th March 2011. Whilst it is now too late to be included in this edition we are on the look out for new phtotos for when we update the book. So.....

Would you like to see your photo(s) published in the next edition along with your name and the names of the riders in the photos, plus receive a free copy of the book?

The photos should be taken in one of the 500 areas shown in the guide and on a legal right of way. If you see that we have a picture already from an area then don't be put off as yours may be better! Although you will see there is some stiff competition.

The best chance you have though of having your photo in the guide is to take it of one of the areas where we don't currently have a photo.

If we publish one or more of your photos then we will reward you with a free copy of the book.

Tip: We generally look for photos that show a section of the trail, the scenery and the rider(s) negotiating the trail.


Please note that by sending the photo(s) you agree to the Terms and Conditions (see below).

You should submit the following information by email with the photo:

  • Date photo(s) taken (as month and year)
  • Photographer’s name
  • Individual rider names or name of group in the photos (only if you want them crediting)
  • The location of the photo(s). An approximate (precise if known) grid reference with Ordnance Survey letter reference (ie the two letters identifying the 100,000 metere squares on an Ordnance Survey map, or clear explanation of location. If taken at a trail centre then we just require the name of the centre plus would be hellpful to know the trail name if there is one.
    Tip - an easy way of finding a grid reference is to use, go to map area (zoom into 1:25,000 mapping if needed), then use the 'Move Arrow' tool and click on where the photo was taken. The map will recentre. Click on 'convert coordinates' (underneath the map) and use the 'LR' reference.
  • The address where you would like the book sent when published and a contact telephone number.

Please email the photo(s) - we can only accept emails under 10MB; so if you have several photos that will exceed this amount please split into several emails

There is no set size or resolution required as we use photos in the book at all sizes. However the better the resolution then the more options we have when choosing the size to show. A recommended file size would be around 1 to 10MB.


By sending the photographs and information:

i) you agree that you own the copyright to the photo(s) and that you and any riders featured accept these terms and conditions.

ii) you agree to allow the publishers the free use of the photograph for publication, publicity, and news purposes in both paper or electronic form in perpetuity, and agree to us to credit your name and publish the names of riders in the photo (if supplied).

iii) you agree to us being able to manipulate the photos; such as resizing, cropping and alteration of colour balance, and also for us to abbreviate names as required.

iv) You will retain copyright in the photograph; however you give the publishers a worldwide royalty-free perpetual licence to edit, publish and use the photograph, in part or whole.

v) Whilst the publishers will take every step to ensure all credits are given accurately, we will not be liable for any special, direct or consequential damages for any errors.

vi) If you supply false information such as that of the copyright holder, names or locations then the publishers will not be liable for any damages pursued by a third party.

vii) The publishers have no obligation to return photographs, acknowledge or publish any photographs that are submitted or explain why specific photographs have been chosen or excluded from the publication.

Thank you for your interest and good luck with having your photo(s) published.